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“Although Prosperity Catalyst works with women in some of the toughest parts of the world, with very dark stories, we focus on light and possibility.  We focus on the creativity and resilience of women.”

-Siiri Morley, Founder and Special Advisor

Prosperity Catalyst builds on lessons learned from economic development approaches to empower women to create an innovative approach to achieving our mission.  Our approach is distinguished from others working in this space in three distinct ways:

First, we work in places where women are extraordinarily vulnerable.  We build on the charitable work provided to women in extremely distressed parts of the world and take it to the next level by focusing on long-term economic empowerment.

Second, we are focused on providing women with a business model that is uniquely scalable and profitable.  We are not setting up businesses that will always stay micro and provide subsistence wages. Candle businesses enable women to move out of poverty and access large global markets.

Finally, Prosperity Catalyst is focused on building and exiting successful women-run businesses rather than sustaining these businesses over the long-term.  We believe that women have the drive and capacity to build independent businesses that can catalyze significant change in their communities.

What we are doing is challenging because no one else has done it in the same way.  But we are seeing signs it is working, and we are eager to partner with you to expand our impact in Haiti and Iraq.  To learn more about our approach, click on the following links.

We focus on launching, incubating and exiting women-led businesses. Essentially, we are a philanthropic incubator for businesses that are able to move women out of poverty.  Women business leaders become powerful catalysts for social and economic change.


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