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Our Catalyzers are a community of visionary leaders using their voices, creativity and resources to create sustainable opportunity for women.  They believe that women worldwide should have the opportunity and support to create better lives for themselves, their families and their community.  They are helping Prosperity Catalyst lead the way for women’s empowerment and grow its community of like-minded leaders.



Dana Frost

Prosperity Catalyst allows me the opportunity to honor my values to alleviate global suffering and provide women with a sense of dignity and hope. Women in the developing world have taught me they do not want hand-outs. They want opportunities to provide for themselves, their families and community…

Katherine Collins

Katherine Collins

Women’s economic empowerment is the key to almost every other good thing – education, health, prosperity for our communities and our planet. I support Prosperity Catalyst because the group’s unique model helps women to acquire the skills to provide for themselves and their families, which has fantastic and long-reaching positive ripple effects.

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with Catalyzers

Who are the Catalyzers?

How can I become a Catalyzer?

Our Catalyzers come from a variety of backgrounds (philanthropy, investing, management consulting, international economic development, to mention a few), but they all share the desire to invest their resources in vulnerable women around the world. With their help we are truly transforming lives. Consider becoming a Catalyzer with an annual $5,000 gift or more. We invite all Catalyzers to contribute their time and talent with our team, in addition to their financial gift. To learn more about the Catalyzer campaign, click here.

How can I help as a Catalyzer?

How do I get in touch?

• By helping host an event
• By introducing us to potential new donors which will help Prosperity Catalyst grow its community of inspiring women leaders and change-makers
• By aligning us with other funding opportunities and grants
• By traveling with us to witness our work and meet the women we support. In April 2014, the Prosperity Catalyst team traveled to Haiti with a group of Founding Catalyzers to see our work first hand
• By volunteering your expertise and skill sets to support our Board’s Committees or specific projects and initiatives
For more information, please contact -

Linda Strohmeyer
Board Chair, Prosperity Catalyst
Email: lstrohmeyer@trianglemfg.com
Tel: +1 201 248 7463

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