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We launch, incubate, and exit women-led businesses with a focus on sustainability and scalability.

Our business model, partnered with access to viable local and international markets, allows our entrepreneurs to thrive independently.

Our entrepreneurs learn how to build their businesses to the size they desire, earning higher than the standard living wage.  Candle-making involves low cost product that is easy to produce, whether in the safety of the home or as a free-standing enterprise elsewhere in the community.  Our support makes options possible as our entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Our entrepreneurs produce a product with global and local appeal.  The beautiful, high quality candle lines compete in any market as wonderful gifts.  Candles also play a central role in countless traditions and gatherings around the world and are essential utilities in many distressed regions.  The product line is custom-designed to meet this recurring local need, allowing our entrepreneur to serve her community while running a successful business.